Kid’s Clay Workshop


Few art mediums kindle growth and skills in children in the way that clay does. It is the invaluable experience of working with clay for sensory development, motor skills, self-esteem, and self-expression, problem solving skills, discipline, and pride.

Want your kids to be smarter? Let them play with Clay…

A recent study concludes that dirt contains microbes that help your kids become smarter and has natural anti-anxiety properties. In May 2010, Canada’s a local newspaper published an article* about research into clay by Dr.Dorothy Matthews. Dr.Matthews discovered that mucking about in good old Mother Earth calms and helps children focus when completing tasks due to the presence of vacuum bacterium in the clay. This bacterium produces serotonin in the brain stem by activating neurons and the serotonin that helps children to learn. The researchers noted that “we’ve become so urbanized that we risk losing a connection with an organism in nature that may actually be beneficial to humans.”

For over 30 years, Clay for Kids has seen how working with clay can produce a “magical” experience for kids of all ages. Clay is an organic composition of mineral and water that can calm the most active child. Children enjoy the tactile feel and mental stimulation and creativity that is provided by clay.

There is something very therapeutic about playing with clay for kids and adults. The tactile nature of clay lets young children develop their imaginations and their motor skills while having fun.

Clay is one of Earth’s more abundant materials and it’s a brilliant and fun way to get back to basics while also being creative and making things in 3D form, which you just don’t get from drawing or painting alone.

About Our Workshop

ALPHA ACADEMY and G18 PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST were jointly organized the two days clay workshop for kids from age group 3 to 13 years. Around 120 kids were participated in the workshop from various parts of Coimbatore and also from nearby cities.

The Kids’ Clay Workshop was created as a concept for kids to get their hands dirty and to do something different as well as learning about original clay. To squished it and bashed it, rolled it, flattened it, decorated it and joined it to make something new and exciting they can take home and keep.

Clay Kneading By Foot

We made them to knead the clay by their feet. The compression and decompression make sure that the blood vessels in their feet are stimulated effectively along with the feet muscles, resulting in an improved blood flow to the whole area. This action makes them active always. It’s a great exercise for the kids.

Wheel Pottery Session

With the Traditional pottery wheels, they learnt how it has been used to make mud products. The trained person explained the process of making traditional mud products. It enables the kids to feel make have a practical experience.

At the end of the session, the children learnt the process of making home based non-toxic colourful clay.

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Diverse ranges of after school activities are available in our academy for the kids. Our activities are carefully designed such that they not only offer spontaneous fun but impart multidimensional learning.