“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

- Mahatma Gandhi

"There is no Life without Light"

Working With Women

The old adage – give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

And at ROSHNI, we take it a step forward for WOMEN – Our motto is “Educate A Girl And You Educate a Family”. ROSHNI is Committed to educate Women and Children solely because we realize the ripple effect of this within the family and across generations. While the mother teaches the child, she is also productive in taking care of the family in times of financial crisis and also has a concern about the health and well being of the family. It helps them to know their rights and gain confidence to claim them. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty.


ROSHNI is a Non Governmental, non profit organization committed to the cause of reaching out to humanity in distress and crisis situations. The core centre of the program is towards empowerment of disadvantaged groups, specifically women and children, by providing shelter, literacy, awareness, reaching out at the appropriate time, providing relief where necessary thereby creating a stronger population for a better nation. ROSHNI, based in CHENNAI is the initiative of a group of enthusiastic, dynamic and dedicated women who strive towards giving the best towards a better life to the less fortunate of their ilk.


ROSHNI signifies light that shines in the lives of those in need through the powerful tool of education and self-employment. ROSHNI is committed to educating women and children who are denied the opportunity ofeducation due to socioeconomic reasons. ROSHNI has set up three prominent establishments in Tamil Nadu.

        • ROSHNI Matriculation School.
        • ROSHNI Girls Home.
        • ROSHNI Self Help Centre.

ROSHNI’s Purpose

To empower women and the girl child, specifically those belonging to minorities and economically backward sections.

 To provide education, awareness and empowerment and make them aware of their legal rights.

 To help disadvantaged groups attain a better standard through empowerment and education.

 To establish crèches, home for the working women especially in minority communities, migrant populations, and places where there is a dearth for the same.

 To provide training and employment opportunities for women.

 To encourage and train women to form self help groups and towards empowerment and self employment.

 To establish family counseling centers, to adopt slums and rehabilitate the women in these areas.

 Encouraging literacy by providing scholarships, sponsorship, providng books and prizes for children.

 Providing vocational training for school drop outs and people from lower literacy groups.


“To spread light be a candle
or refect like a mirror
“A candle loses nothing by
lighting another candle

Help ROSHNI in any form you wish while you celebrate birthdays or events in your family to commemorate success or in remembrance of birthdays, anniversaries of loved ones. You could sponsor a child, provide a scholarship, conduct a program, or contribute towards a meal.

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