About Us

About Us

ROSHNI is a registered Non-Governmental, Non Profit Organisation committed to the cause of working with women and children, rehabilitating them from situations of crisis and violence, ranging from riots, abandonment, broken homes, abuse, destitution and creating awareness and motivation for a better life.

ROSHNI was launched in the year 1992 with its base at Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The executive members of this organisation are from diverse walks of life and career like education, law, business and social work.

The prime purpose of ROSHNI is

To empower women and the girl child, specifically those belonging to minorities and economically backward sections.

 To educate these sections and generate awareness of their legal rights in the societies they live in.

 To work towards raising their economic status utilizing all methods available locally.

 To converge all measures utilized to bring the marginalised women into the main stream of society.

 To promote educational, social, secular and economic upliftment of the backward community of women and children.

 To establish crèches, home for the destitute and distressed women and old age homes.

 To render employment placement services for downtrodden women.

 To encourage and train women to form self help groups and for self employment.

 To establish family counseling centers, to adopt slums and rehabilitate the economically backward women.

 Initiate and carry out general programmes like providing literacy, vocational training, provision of food, encouraging literacy by      providing scholarships, books and prizes.