Memorable Events

Memorable Events

Our First Tenth Standard Student From ROSHNI Matriculation School


President giving prize to 10th standard student in ROSHNI Matriculation School situated at Guduvanchery near Chennai. A proud moment in the annals of ROSHNI as the first student from ROSHNI passed her 10th exam coinciding with the decade celebration of ROSHNI SCHOOL

US Consel


Picture of US Consul General and his wife, Mr & MRs Simkin at Ifthar at the Girls Home (2010)

Annual Day Celebration

The 10th Annual Day of the School was celebrated with great gusto by the children, putting up a wonderful performance of their skills in dancing and stage activities.

SchoolWe consider The ROSHNI School as a point of disseminating information while educating the CHILDREN and parents as well. In our extra curricular activities which include sports day and Annual Day of the School etc, the School gives a lot of importance to National Days and also for different Faiths so that children and the parents are ingrained into secularism and national unity as a core value, and to understand the values of different religions in order to respect one another. Children are made to take an important part in these rather than long drawn speeches so that they understand the concept of what they do.

Children are taken on regular outings and excursions to The Planetarium, Deer Park, Vandalur Zoo and other places of interest. Children of the Home are also taken to other Institutions for interaction with other children like them. Along with the Staff of the School, Members of the Executive Committee also make it a point to accompany the children on these visits.

The children are also exposed to a number of visitors who volunteer their time to give them religious instructions, or play games with them, or messages through plays etc.

International Women’s Day

LadiesEvery Year The International Women’s Day is a day to remember as ROSHNI Members and Members of the Self Help group come together to celebrate the event.

ROSHNI takes great efforts to organize the day with a message to women for awareness and empowerment. A minimum of 500 women gather every year for the event and take home a message. They would meet a woman luminary who has crusaded for the cause of women or in the process of entertaining through a film or a street play, ROSHNI gives women the message of strength and rejuvenation for a better tomorrow for women.

The Women’s Day celebration of 2013 was very eventful. We had a Film on child sexual abuse since it was close on the heels of the “Nirbhaya” rape in New Delhi. It was also as a message of caution to women, especially mothers. It was followed by a very positive and proactive speech by the chief guest Mrs. Bhagyavathi followed by yet another inspiring speaker Mrs. Sudha Ravi of the Hindu Group.

Christmas And New Year Celebration