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Prime Projects

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ROSHNI Matriculation School Guduvanchery

In the year 2003, in the aftermath of the Gujarat Riots of 2002, a number of families brought their girl children to different destinations for their safety and security.

The ROSHNI Home for children, situated in interior Guduvanchery, volunteered to share the responsibility with other NGOs’ in the city and initially 8 children came to our Home. We had a heavy task as these children had lost everything overnight, had fear in their eyes and mistrust and insecurity of all around. It was a different terrain for them with language, food, attitude and every aspect of life along with their baggage of being victims of riots.

As we took upon our task, we had to create inputs for a normal life for a child which included, besides communicators, an elementary level school to start with.

There was an impending need to educate them and empower them. And thus was started ROSHNI School in 2003. SchoolWith a little survey, we realized that there were no English medium schools in the vicinity and this was a great boon to the community in Guduvancherry which even today is quite cut off due to lack of proper road transport, bus service, etc.

Opening our doors to the hamlet we lived in, was another experience as many children were admitted – many came from families where they were going to be the first generation to receive education. This had its own drawbacks as our fees had to be nominal or subsidized or otherwise there would be a drop out. Therefore providing education was alone not enough and ROSHNI took over the responsibility of providing uniforms, shoes, and books to the children while charging a nominal fee. Many of the children were also brought into a scholarship program which we then had to start so that children continued to come to school. Nutrition is provided to children in the form of milk and biscuits – today only to the primary classes.

We have grown from strength to strength. This year the third batch of children will be appearing for the 10th examinations. And from a strength of 24 children we are today 294.

The 10th Annual Day of the School was celebrated with great gusto by the children, putting up a wonderful performance of their skills in dancing and stage activities.

Annual DayIn our extra curricular activities which include sports day and Annual Day of the School etc, the School gives a lot of importance to National Days and also for different Faiths so that children and the parents are ingrained into secularism and national unity as a core value, and to understand the values of different religions in order to respect one another. Children are made to take an important part in these rather than long drawn speeches so that they understand the concept of what they do.

Children are taken on regular outings and excursions to The Planetarium, Deer Park, Vandalur Zoo and other places of interest. Children of the Home are also taken to other Institutions for interaction with other children like them. Along with the Staff of the School, Members of the Executive Committee also make it a point to accompany the children on these visits.

We have a dedicated set of teachers who have been quite steadfast, loyal and patient with us. Due to our meagre income from the School we have a lot of tasks to be undertaken.

Considering the growing number of classes and the child population, our building requires expansion – requiring bigger classrooms and infrastructure in the form of desks and chairs and better teaching aids.

Better pay scales and facilities for teachers to motivate them.

 Facilities for extra curricular developmental activities for the children.

 Increase in number of staff.

 A recent Notification from the Tamil Nadu School authorities stating land holding of the school to be increased.

 Sponsorship program for more children to be benefited from the community.

Building Maintenance on a regular basis – painting, plumbing work.

The Scholarship Program And Sponsorship Program

 The scholarship program is for the academically good students who are unable to afford education.

 The sponsorship program is for needy children to continue education and avoid dropout.

 ROSHNI looks for sponsorship for the children of ROSHNI home who are destitute and orphaned presently around 50 children for whom      holistic care is provided.

 The sponsorship for supporting a child in ROSHNI per annum is Rs 17000.

Providing nutrition for our Pre-school to primary children – a glass of milk, 2 eggs per week and Sathhu Maavu (Health Mix).

The ROSHNI Girls Home

What started as a refuge for 8 children from Gujarat as an emergency service to provide shelter and solace as an emergency measure, has grown into a home for girls who are destitute and orphaned. Our present strength today is 52. As many have come and gone, integrated back into their homes and society.

Grils HostelAlthough keeping with the academic year, we wish to admit children only in May to June, yet there have been many instances when in times of need, ROSHNI has opened doors to a child in need, a child in crisis who is brought there when there is a family break down, death in the family and there is nowhere to go.

ROSHNI provides them with holistic care – and other than food, shelter and clothing the children are given medical care, psycho social counseling, understanding, care and concern for to help them overcome their insecurities. Children are given religious instructions and encouraged to play games, taken on outings to sister organisations or places to visit in Chennai. In the coming year, we hope to equip them with training in crafts and tailoring to help them with small scale business ventures when they leave our Home.

Self Help Groups

Today there are 145 groups existing and 1800 women benefiting from the program.Around 45 groups are in the process of being regularized so that they become a part of the ROSHNI Self Help group family. The concept is micro finance management in the place of money lenders and high rates of interest to help these women survive and turn around to a better life.

There are around 6 Youth groups – youngsters who are employed or have their business came together to start youth groups similar to the Women’s Self Help groups.

Many of these women work in different companies and some have started their own enterprises.

Their business develops through the strength of being members in ROSHNI’s Self Help Groups.

The women have managed to salvage their families from the daily breakdowns of financial insufficiency, alcoholism, drug abuse, divorces    and death etc. And to cope with the need to educate their progeny instead of resorting to child labour – empowered by being members of    the groups.

Self Help groups Activities

Outreach Centre For Women In Vellore

A qualified teacher trains girls to learn cutting, tailoring and fashion designing. Mostly a number of girls who have finished 8th standard or school final take up these classes. They establish themselves as tailors in their locality once they finish their course. Many of them go to work in the shoe companies at Ambur and Vaniyambadi.The women have requested for a spoken English Class and computer class – an establishment which will have an infrastructure cost of Rs 1,20,000 to provide 4 full fledged computers and a trainer who will take up English as well as computer classes.